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5 Incredibly Magical New Moon Rituals - You can do at home


The New Moon marks the start of a fresh cycle and presents the opportunity for a new beginning. Its energy lasts for three to four days, providing ample time for us to connect with our inner selves and set intentions for the next lunar cycle.

Although our world moves at a rapid pace, the Moon, Sun, and Stars remain the most essential clock of all. When we pay attention to the lunar cycle, we can plan meaningful activities that bring us closer to our inner magic and the universe's source.

Do I need in depth knowledge if astrology?


You don't need to be an astrology expert to enjoy the Moon's energy. By checking a weather app, such as, you can determine the Moon's phase for your time zone and begin planning your New Moon rituals.

The New Moon provides a clean slate for new beginnings, and you have the opportunity to set your intentions for the upcoming cycle. You can use the lunar cycle to create more harmony and rhythm in your life, just like how gardens have used it for centuries.



Here are five simple rituals you can do at home to harness the energy of the New Moon:

  1. Write down your hopes and dreams for the upcoming cycle, keeping your focus on goal-oriented intentions. You can keep them in a jar or write them down in a journal or diary.

  2. Place a quartz crystal in a jar and fill it a third full of water. As the Moon waxes and becomes more luminous, add more water. Place the jar outside just as the first light of the Moon appears, bring it inside during the day, and repeat until the night of the full Moon. This will be your moon water, which you can use to spritz your home or plants, promoting abundance and prosperity.

  3. Make time for a New Moon bath or swim, and light a candle to signify the start of the lunar cycle. You can also enjoy a New Moon reading with your oracle or tarot cards.

  4. Cleanse, organize, and tidy your work and living space. Freshen up your environment by making your own cleaning stick with dried conifer, sage, bay, lavender, or rosemary. Pay attention to the corners of your room and open the windows to release stagnant energy.

  5. Tend to your houseplants and surround your desk area with round-leafed plants to encourage good Feng Shui and a harmonious environment.

Embrace the New Moon's energy, and use this time to connect with your inner self and set intentions for the upcoming cycle.


What is the difference between the Dark Moon and the New Moon

The Dark Moon and the New Moon are often used interchangeably, but they have a slight difference in meaning.

The Dark Moon refers to the period when the Moon is entirely invisible in the night sky. This occurs just before the New Moon, during the last 24 to 48 hours of the lunar cycle. The Dark Moon is a time of introspection, reflection, and releasing old patterns, and it's associated with the waning Moon.

The New Moon, on the other hand, marks the start of a new lunar cycle when the Moon is completely invisible in the night sky. It's a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting intentions for the upcoming cycle. The New Moon is associated with the waxing Moon and occurs approximately every 29.5 days.

In summary, the main difference between the Dark Moon and the New Moon is their position in the lunar cycle. The Dark Moon is the last phase of the previous cycle, while the New Moon is the start of a new cycle.


What are your favourite New Moon rituals? Do you feel in alignment with the new moon and sense the shift in energy during this time? What would you like more support with?

Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear form you.