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5 New Moon Rituals to do at home

The New Moon is a time for a fresh start and marks the beginning of the next lunar cycle. The New Moon energy lasts for 3-4 days. We live in a fast-paced busy world, but the Moon, Sun and Stars remain the most essential clock of all. When you are aware of the lunar cycle, you can begin to plan meaningful activities that bring you a deeper connection to source and your inner magic.

Do I need to Know anything about Astrology?

You don't need to know anything about astrology to enjoy the moon, just check on a weather app suitable for your time zone and see where the moon is in her cycle. You can try - to start with.

The New Moon heralds a fresh slate, you now have the opportunity to plan what you'd like to see coming into fruition. Gardens have used the lunar cycle for millennia and you can also use it in your life, to bring more harmony and rhythm.


5 easy rituals you can do at home to make the most of the New Moon's energy:

  1. Write down all your hopes and dreams for the cycle ahead. You can keep them in a jar or write them down in a journal or diary. Focus on goal-oriented intentions.
  2. Place a quartz crystal in a jar and fill a 3rd full with water. As the moon continues to wax (more luminosity) add more water. Place outside just as the first light of the moon can be seen. Place outside at night and bring inside during the day. Repeat until the night of the full moon and bring in. This will be your moon water. It's thought that plants respond well to moon water, you can also use it as a house spritz to bring prosperity and abundance into your home.
  3. Carve out time for yourself to enjoy a New Moon bath or swim. Light a candle to signify the beginning of the lunar cycle. You can also enjoy a new moon reading with your oracle or tarot cards.
  4. Cleanse, organise and clean your work and living space. There's nothing like a freshen-up to bring in new energy and release stagnant energy. Make your own cleaning stick with dried conifer, sage, bay, lavender or rosemary. Open windows and allow your cleansing stick to burn for a while. Pay attention to the corners of your room.
  5. Tend to house plants and make sure they are cared for. Surround your desk area with round leafed plants to encourage good Feng Shui and a harmonious environment.


​Your vision for your future is important.

Additional activities could include:

  • A new moon yoga session
  • Planning a walk somewhere where you feel inspired.

​​Either way, make it a special occasion- we generally don't give ourselves enough time to plan and dream.