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Printable Tarot - Print and Colour

Printable Tarot Deck

I was putting off designing a tarot deck for several years, I was discouraged by the huge amount of work and slightly intimidated by the passionate tarot reader community online, but I knew the time would come for me to heed the nudges from the creator to get the work done.

Following a period of intense sickness and yucky stuff, from somewhere I was inspired to create a 78 card tarot deck. I sketched furiously in an attempt to capture all my ideas for each card.

All the ideas came flooding in, I chose to draw the original illustrations onto black card, the cards where tiny matchbox sized as I just loved them being small.

‘Over 48hrs, I just sat at my desk drawing until all 78 illustrations were done. Below is a picture of what they looked like before going to print’

Luckily I received such love for this little deck that I named it the #tinymagictarot and sold a small limited edition collection in the summer of 2019. The whole project was epic. We had them printed here in the UK and then professionally cut them at home, as the size I wanted was custom, my poor husband spent hours cutting them out over a period of 6 months until they were sent out to our patient customers.

Alas, after that rather hectic and stressful project came to an end, I was left feeling exhausted, but I still wanted people to be able to access my deck, which is why I launched the Printable Version, which is black on white and suitable for colouring.

How to create your own tarot deck?

Well, obviously these are my designs, but there is so much scope to create beautiful unique colour themes of your own and don’t forget the reverse of the cards.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of tarot either, just learn as you go. You will certainly have a deeper connection with the cards if you are actively colouring them in and holding them.

This Printable bundle doesn't have a guide book, but there are lots that are available

See some suggestions:

How to read tarot: A modern guide

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot

I picked up my first deck when I was in my 20’s and didn’t buy another deck until a few years ago. I love this deck by Siolo Thompson, otherwise I am quite minimalist and prefer using my daily moon cards and alter art cards to bring focus and inspiration to my day.

I love art supplies and have collaborated with Arteza on frequent occasions, I love their Everblend Markers and Art Pencils. I have a penchant for metallic watercolour paints too, my hubby bought me these and I love them.

You may also like to use gouache again by Arteza which includes delicious metallic colours. You can easily print on their super watercolour paper too. 

How to download your bundle:

I’ve provided 2 options for you, you can pay-as-you-go and choose a suit to begin with or buy the entire tarot deck and get started straight away (impressive)

See more HERE

You’re free to use for personal use. You can print off the A4 sized sheets on paper (for use with colouring pencils) or cardstock that may be more suitable for felt tips and paint.

Some customers have printed theirs out on watercolour paper to really enjoy a quality craft project, but it’s entirely up to you and the best thing is, that if you mess up a card, you can always print it off again.

Everything is automatic and link will appear in you inbox with which your payment provider is associated with (so please check)

If you choose to use a local printer, they will be able to scale the A4 down to suit your needs.

‘Can you imagine gifting these to a friend? That would be incredibly magical and thoughtful.’

I’m beyond thrilled to be able to offer my art to you, it is nothing without sharing it with others. I genuinely makes me so happy to know that people all over the world are taking some time away from social media and their electronics to do a slow and magical creative project like this.

Enjoy and please tag me on Instagram when you finish your cards- I’d love to see what you come up with.

All the love