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Pre-order Tiny Tarot Deck
Pre-order Tiny Tarot Deck

Pre-order Tiny Tarot Deck

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**Thank you, orders are now closed - until September**

Thank you we have reached our target to make this a reality. We decided to keep it open for those of you who have requested, until Wednesday the 12th, closing at 10PM GMT. 

There's nothing like this deck around and I believe it really will be something special.

To keep the quality high and costs as economical as possible, we're opting to create this tarot deck at home in the UK.

I also believe that it's going to be the perfect little companion deck that will assist you on your own magical journey.

It's designed to be compact and lightweight, but with lovely strong card stock so it lasts.

In order to bring this deck to life and make it possible to print, we will need a minimum amount of people to support it.

Pre-order Angels will receive the
▪mini tarot deck + bag,
▪storage tin and a special gift (to be confirmed)

Estimated to be shipped in September 2019 depending on volume

Pre-orderwill close on Wednesday 12th at 10pm GMT

Thank you in advance for your support.

Jo x


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