Collection of 12 Printable Full Moon Sheets

Collection of 12 Printable Full Moon Sheets

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Enjoy celebrating each full moon for 2021 with a magical colouring sheet. There are 12 full moons in 2021. Each one has a different theme and name depending on the month in which it's placed.

Many of the moon names derive from Native American Indian tribes and from ancient Celtic culture. The moons track the seasons and so were named according to certain weather expectations, wildlife and plants growing at these times.

Jan- Wolf Moon
Feb- Snow Moon
Mar- Worm Moon
Apr- Pink Moon
May- Flower Moon
Jun- Buck Moon
Jul - Strawberry Moon
Aug - Sturgeon Moon
Sept- Harvest Moon
Oct- Hunter Moon
Nov- Beaver Moon
Dec- Cold Moon

Today we can enjoy the Full moons throughout the seasons and plan activities or rituals for ourselves to add a little bit of moon magic into each month.

12 black and white sheets to print and colour at home.


Collection of 12 download and print journal sheets.

These have been designed to fit on A4 and US Letter paper.

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