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Magical days of the week Printable Bundle

Magical days of the week Printable Bundle

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Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet including the Sun and Moon, which means there is a unique energy that can be used to bring a gentle focus to that day.

  • Monday- Ruled by the Moon
  • Tuesday- Ruled by Mars
  • Wednesday- Ruled by Mercury
  • Thursday- Ruled by Jupiter
  • Friday- Ruled by Venus
  • Saturday- Ruled by Saturn
  • Sunday- Ruled by the Sun

Enjoy this bundle of 7 unique colouring sheets that will remind you of the focus for each day of the week. Colour them in and re-print as much as you like, so you have a lovely, slow colouring activity to help you connect back to yourself at the end of a busy day.

Reduce your stress levels, make a cup of tea, turn some music on and get lost in colour.

Keep the good karma : Colouring sheets are for personal use only and mustn't be sold. You may use for small non-profit groups as long as you credit Jo Cauldrick & The Moon Journal.

Best printing practices :

For ink jet printer, we recommend setting printer to 'eco' so it prints in a greyer tone. Please note that this will change from printer to printer.

Print using standard uncoated paper as it seems to limit smudging especially when using felt tip pens. Try to avoid silk or sheens on your paper.


These have been designed to fit on A4 paper.

Your file will be downloadable as a PDF