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Printable Magical Timing Deck
Printable Magical Timing Deck

Printable Magical Timing Deck

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Have you ever needed extra guidance on making a decision?
These magical timing cards bring immediate clarity to a question you
have regarding the timing of something.

Remember that your intuition always 'knows' but sometimes, it's
good to have it reaffirmed with extra tools.

How to use the cards.

It's always a good idea to knock on the cards to tap out energy
from previous use, you want to reset the energy. YOU can cleanse cards
with a sage bundle or rest a clear crystal on top.

Pause and be really clear on what the question is that you need guidance
from. You are aiming to relax your body, so no anxiety clouds your reading
  1. Shuffle cards
  2. Lay front side down
  3. Pause and take a breath. Ask the question.
  4. With your left hand, allow yourself to be guided to a card
  5. Turn the card over.
  6. Display for as long as you need that guidance/support.

Write your results down. Your card readings will change with your
perception of your reality. So build upon your magical confidence
daily and flex your intuitive, mystical side.
    Strictly for personal use only, no reselling of images in any form.  
    For best results:

    Print on the best quality paper you can find. I'd recommend printing on card if you wish to paint.

    Decorate the backs as you desire.

    These PDF's have been optimised to A4 and US Letter paper size.