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Future Self
Future Self
Future Self

Future Self

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Future Self

Writing a letter to your future self, is a powerful and effective manifestation technique. When you write as if your goals have already come into fruition, you communicate with the Universe your desires. With inspired and consistent action, any goal you set will come true.

I've created 4 seasonal letters that you can use to write lovely letters to your future self. You will also find 4 corresponding envelopes that you can print off and make at home.

You will get
  • 4 x seasonal lined paper and illustrated pages.
  • 4 x seasonal illustrated printable envelopes.

Full instructions are provided in the PDF
Copyright 2023 Jo Cauldrick
Best printing practices :

For ink jet printer, we recommend setting printer to 'eco' so it prints in a greyer tone. Please note that this will change from printer to printer.

Print using standard uncoated paper as it seems to limit smudging especially when using felt tip pens. Try to avoid silk or sheens on your paper.


These have been designed to fit on A4 paper.

Your file will be downloadable as a PDF