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Goddess Brigid

Goddess Brigid

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Goddess Brigid

Celebrate the Pagan and Irish festival of Imbolc with the goddess of midwifery, creativity and keeper of the eternal flame. Imbolc is a seasonal sabbat that begins on Feb 1st and pays homage to the magic of the first signs of spring and the returning sun.

More about St. Brigid
It’s no surprise that the Moon in Leo is perfect to invoke Brigid (St. Brigid) the Goddess of Fire Power, who was born as the sun rose bearing a flame on her forehead. Her legends and worship originated from Kildare in Ireland, where the eternal flame was worshiped by priestesses. During Henry VIII reign, the flame was destroyed, but in 1993 Brigid’s flame was lit once again and has been burning ever since.

She is considered a Prophetess, Earthwoman, Peacemaker. To this day, Brigid is considered the most famous female Saint.

Brigid is the Prophetess, Earthwoman and Peacemaker. She reminds us that our scared inner flame must be nurtured. With the courage of Leo, you can rebuild and rekindle the flame if it’s what your heart desires.

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