Moon Calendar 2022 Northern Hemisphere

Moon Calendar 2022 Northern Hemisphere

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I'm thrilled to offer this magical downloadable calendar to print put and frame at home.

Step in to 2022 with renewed hope and use the lunar cycle to tap into how you're feeling, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Plan activities, projects and important dates with the lunar cycle.

The moon represents the subconscious, emotive realms. Think of mama moon like a mirror that reveals a reflection. Use the Full Moon to reassess your life path and to bring balance, cut the dead wood back as the moon wanes and reset your energy and focus on the New Moon.

About this download:

This calendar is designed for A4 or US letter. Please check settings on your printer and set to 'best fit' 

Any issues with your download

  1. Select grey scale if you want to omit colour.
  2. Select 'fit to page' to scale pages.
  3. Select A4 or US Letter